A Time Of Letting Go

Neil Vermillion —  December 25, 2014 —  Comments

It is a time of expanse, and a time of letting go. It’s time to let go of questions you’ve held on to that no longer serve you, that were never important to begin with. For this season you are now living is a time to expand and a time to incorporate things from your past and merge them together with your present. For your past happened to help prepare you for today and to help prepare you for what you will face tomorrow.

And though you do not know all things, and though you do not fully know what the future has in store, it’s time to let go of things from your past. It’s time to let go of hindrances and obstacles in your life. Do not fear the unknown, and do not fear what your life will be like without these hindrances in your life. Though they may be familiar they are not helping you, so be free to loose them, and do so quickly.

For though the hindrances are familiar to you, they are not the best for you. They do not help you to progress or to grow. They only serve to delay you, and to rob you, so let go of them and let go of their influence in your life.

It’s a time to let go of the way you think things should be done. For there is much beyond your comprehension, and many time I will work through things that do not line up with your paradigm. So let go of the way you think things should be done, and allow me to work through you freely, without obstruction and without hindrance. For your ways are not the same as my ways, and there are many things I will do that will make no sense to you at the time it is all happening. So allow yourself to let go of how you believe things should work out for you, and let go of how you think I should do things. For this letting go will help liberate you to cooperate more fully, causing less dissonance between what you think and feel, as compared to reality.

It’s a time to let go of who you think I am, and who you think I am not. For though you may know me a little, you do not know me fully, and there is still much ahead of you I will reveal to you. For I have no limits, and there is no man who has known me fully. There is no one who has measured me and contained me. For I desire to reveal myself to you, but first I will have to help prepare you. I will have to prepare you for you to be able to receive me. For though you want to receive me, you will not be able. And so, know I am working in circumstances to help prepare you to be able to receive me as I choose to reveal myself to you over time.

For the reality of me is different than the ideas you hold on to in your mind and in your heart. And these ideas are small, feeble, and inadequate. So remember I will break down all these limits, all these paradigms as I continue to show myself to you day after day. For it is my desire to reveal myself to you and to be known by you, just as I already know you.

So in this time continue to let go of things. Let go of all what I’ve said to you today, as well as what I will show you in the near future as well. And together we will grow and we will share and we will accomplish.

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