A Time To Continue To Stand

Neil Vermillion —  October 24, 2014 —  Comments

In some trials after you’ve done all you can do to stand, simply continue to stand. For in some ways this is the test. It is the test of endurance, the test to remain faithful, the test to continue time and time again.

So while there will be new things set before you, and things from old still yet to be accomplished, there will also be obstacles which will be overcome by your consistency. It will require you to face them time and time again, and though it will feel you are making no progress, continue to stand. Continue to hold your ground. And when you feel tired and wasted away, draw from me. For it is your relationship with me that will sustain you. I will be your source. I will be your rock. I will be your foundation. I will be your life. I will be your breath.

For there is a process of weathering little details away as you continue to stand. There is a refinement of issues within your heart as you continue to stand. It will help to expose and remove issues of doubt within your heart. For doubt is a slippery ground and will continue to keep you unstable and double-minded. And it is my desire to bring you to a place of greater stability, and to remove all the double-minded ways from within your heart.

For in the days of delay, and in the days of waiting you will be tempted to return to Sodom. You will be tempted to look back, though your deliverance is before your very eyes. There will be options before you and all sides, and you will be tempted. And in this season, the issues of your heart will be confronted. So know this, my Dearly Beloved, these are the very things that need to be confronted and removed. So we will do them together, and I will remove them gently, though it will not always feel gentle to you at the time.

So I ask you to stand, knowing it is asking much from you. For I know your frame, and know you are weak and are but dust. But through it all, you will be purified. It all happens over time, gradually. And though it is so gradual you feel nothing, trust and know you are being changed and transformed into the likeness of my son. And though you will be surrounded by so much misunderstanding, even from those who love you dearly, and those very close to you, remain true to the vision I’ve set before you.

Know this, my Dearly Beloved, it will be hard. It will not be easy. It will tax you to your very limits. It will require the very most you have from within you. But you will also grow through it. It’s not for nothing. It’s all part of the process. And in the end, when you look back, you will see the milestones you’ve overcome. You will see the transformation of things within you, and you will be equipped for the new challenges and new assignments soon to be set before you.

But it all takes time. So in these days I am forging endurance within you. I am getting you to a place of faithful endurance so you will be able to sustain and remain.

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