A Time To Expand And Acquire New Skills

Neil Vermillion —  October 23, 2014 —  Comments

For in this day it is surely a time of expanse. And in this time of expanse there is also such a grace upon you to acquire new skills, to learn new things, to form new friendships and relationships.

And though it is a time of expanse do not think it is a time without difficulty. Though you are to expand, and to take new ground, and to overcome limits from your past, do not believe these things will come about easily. For the labor is real, and the work is very real, and the sweat required to accomplish the work is very real. But know, I am with you in all these things. And know I will be there as you grow in them, and work to accomplish all I’ve put before you.

And in these days of expandings, allow me to encourage you to be kind with yourself. As you acquire new skills, be kind and patient with yourself and with those around you still learning. Don’t set your expectations so high as you feel like a failure because you’re not as successful as you’d like to be. For there is still a learning and maturing required. And there is still a refinement of your skills required. And all these things are OK. It’s all part of the process.

So don’t be discouraged, don’t be surprised as you see lots of work ahead of you. For you will be required to climb many mountains. There is no shortcut to the places I’m calling you to occupy. Don’t feel as though you’ve missed it, or you’re not hearing things rightly just because the challenges are big. For these are the very instruments that will release the deep things within you, and will cause you to walk in your full potential and possess all I’ve placed within you.

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