A Time To Harvest First Fruits

Neil Vermillion —  April 2, 2015 —  Comments

Remember, if you’ve sown little you will reap little. But if you’ve sown much you will reap much. So be aware and be expectant. For you will surely walk in the enjoyment in direct proportion to the price paid for the seeds you’ve sown. And also, do not allow yourself to be discouraged.

For this is not your final season. You will still have the chance to sow even more seed in the seasons ahead of you still. This will not be your final opportunity to both reap, as well as sow.

So in seasons in the far distance, when you know it is time to sow, sow without holding back. Sow with no thought of how you will make it, for great will be your harvest, great will be your reward. It will be a glorious way for you to exercise your faith as well as your obedience.

So don’t let your heart be troubled if this particular harvest seems a bit small. You will have other chances to sow greatly if you will walk by faith and not shrink back in fear.

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