Absolutely No Need To Fear The Fire

Neil Vermillion —  October 10, 2014 —  Comments

So consider now the issues of your heart. Consider this day the things important to you. And take inventory as to what thoughts and emotions occupy your life day after day. For there is coming a time of confrontation, a time of correction, a time of extracting poisons needing to be removed. So take time now, to prepare your hearts for this now, while you still can, while you are still able, while it is still easy to do so.

For in the days of confrontation the time will be short, and the method will not be as gentle. And in the time of confrontation it will not feel pleasant, and you will not enjoy it. But as you prepare yourself now, and do the groundwork to lay a solid and righteous foundation, the work will be much more smooth. And the progress will be faster, more efficient. And you’ll be fashioned into a vessel more effective.

For there are days coming when a line will be drawn in the sand and you’ll be found on one side of the line or the other. There will no longer be indecision. You will have to choose your side. And if you do not decide, it will be determined for you. For your indecision is in itself a choice.

For I am drawing my people close to me, and refining them, and purifying them. For the idols and limits in their hearts and minds will not continue to occupy that space forever. And the refiner’s fire will melt away all things not pure, all things unable to withstand the heat. All inferior things will be melted. But all I’ve planted and placed within you will surely survive the heat.

So understand this, there is absolutely no need to fear the fire. Though it will be painful, you will survive, and all I’ve placed within you will remain, and all the junk, and all the debris, and all the impurities will be removed, melted away. Though it may take a bit of adjustment, set your hearts and minds to anticipate the great refining fire with joy and eager expectation. For when you see yourself completed you will look back and wonder why did you delay, why did you not embrace the fire sooner, why did you not seek it out.

And just as there is pain in the birthing process, all this pain is soon forgotten once the birth is complete, and new life has been given. And so it will be with you. And the joy of your birth will sustain you, and the purity in which you live and move will keep you. And it will be glorious and wonderful, though it will be so foreign to your unpurified mind.

So trust and know this is where I am taking you, my Dearly Loved Ones. I am setting you on the course of refinement, on the course directly in to this fire. So know this is where you are headed and do not be confused as you see the fire approaching. For this fire is my will for you. This fire is my plan for you. This fire will come to you and refine in due season.

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