Accepting My Lordship In Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  December 26, 2014 —  Comments

And though you have many hurts and many disappointments, put your trust in me and look forward past your present circumstances to what lies ahead of you. And though there may be a fog before your eyes, blocking your vision and perspective of both today and tomorrow, trust in my plans for you, trust in my heart for you, trust in the hope given you. For though your vision may be clouded mine is not. And while you have a little perspective, I can see it all – everything from before the beginning through to the end.

So let go of the burden to self-govern and accept my lordship in your life. Let go of the burden to make your own way, make your own destiny, make your own roadmap, and simply allow yourself to live as little children. For in my lordship you will find freedom. You will find fulfillment. You will find my grace and my peace with you regardless of storms of personal circumstance. For my spirit will empower you and encourage you. And my spirit will guide you.

And though you may not understand all that’s happening around about you, know and trust my plans for you are all inclusive so that nothing, no one, no detail gets left behind. And in all these things, I’m inviting you to simpler way of life, a simpler way of living. So embrace this path I’ve marked out for you, and walk by faith. Though you cannot see always see things the way you’d like to, or understand them the way you’d like to, trust in me, in my plans, and in my timing for you.

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