Additional Insight To Assignments Already Given You

Neil Vermillion —  April 9, 2015 —  Comments

In this day I am giving you special insight to the vision and blueprint I’ve already given you. I am releasing specific details that will impact the execution and implementation of the plans I’ve put before your eyes. So understand, this is another level of refinement and adjustment. This will require some of you to tweak your existing plans. For the vision given you is real, but the way to go about executing it needs a bit of adjustment, a bit of fine tuning.

So understand I am giving this to you today. I am giving more specifics to help you be more clear, more confident, and to confirm what I’ve told you in the past. For I do not want you to roam around having a foggy vision, unclear about details. I do not want you to fumble around and waste time, or to be ineffective. So I am giving you insights. I am giving you details that are needed, details that will be helpful, and details that will be crucial.

I will not be giving you irrelevant details. I will not be overloading you with that which is worthless. For every little thing has been set out before you, and today I am giving you focus. I am giving you perspective. And I am assisting you to work your way through all the muck and mire of it all, so you will be able to land where I desire to put you.

In this day I will also be giving you new strategies to execute visions of old. For I have not forgotten the original plans I have for you. I have not abandoned the things I’ve called you to since the beginning. So know, in this new day and new hour, I am also giving you new strategies to add to what you already have, and yes, to innovate and accelerate. You will be given all the skills, tools, parts, labor, and network you will need to be able to accomplish the work I’ve set before you.

And as these things are given you, as you begin to receive and understand them, you will recall the years spent in preparation, and pieces of the puzzle will come together. For there have been many tasks, many assignments given you that did not make sense to you in their day. But as you look back on your life, with this newer perspective and newer understanding, you will be able to fill in some of those gaps. And things will make more sense. And you will see how I’ve always been at work in your life, to guide you, to shape you, to prepare you, even though you did not understand, and even at times you did not cooperate.

And with this new understanding, and this new revelation, not only will your mind become awakened, but so will your heart. For you will feel loved, and protected, and cherished, as you see my handiwork throughout the course of your life, even from the days you were very young, before you had knowledge of me or my plans for you. You will see how I’ve been working since before you even knew me, or said yes to my call upon your life. And as a result, you will be able to trust me in greater ways. For this understanding will be a confirmation to you. And this confirmation will bless you, and help you know me better, and to trust me more fully.

So just relax and let go of the stress of performance. Let go of the stress of having to figure everything out. For I will help you. I will fill in what’s missing. And as you do your part, surely I will do mine. And in the areas you are not able to comprehend it all, do not let your heart be troubled. For I have a great plan, and I have everything already worked out.

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