All These Things Have Been Worked Out

Neil Vermillion —  March 11, 2015 —  Comments

I see your weaknesses, and I see how tired you are. I know you are only small, not able to carry the load upon you presently. But understand, some of these things are part of your process for now. For I am forging new strength within you. I am pressing you to your new level, to prepare you for your soon coming advancement.

And though it seems as though it’s been a long time coming, know your advancement will not be unnecessarily delayed. I will not continue to hold you back once you are fully ready, once you have matured and are prepared. For these days have given birth to the processes set before you from days of old, even from the very beginning. And know you are on schedule, you are on time, though you feel as you have missed it.

For my plans for you will not be destroyed because of your inabilities. My plans for you will not be robbed simply because you make mistakes along the way. For my capacity to restore and renew and preserve all that’s been damaged and broken and stolen along the way is greater. It is greater than any thief, greater than any destruction, greater than any mess, greater than any and every mistake.

So do not continue to put your trust in your own abilities, even your ability to obey or your ability to follow. For my ability will ensure your arrival, not your own. My capacity for renewal will restore what’s been broken in your life along the way, not your ability to fix things, or to figure them out.

And while I know you mean well, you want to do the right thing, do not allow this burden to continue to weigh you down. Simply surrender to my guidance and my leadership, knowing all these things have already been worked out, and will continue to be. For my leadership is great. And my love for you is great. And surely all the pieces of this puzzle will come together at the right time, in due season.

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