Allow Me Close In Your Time Of Pain

Neil Vermillion —  November 4, 2014 —  Comments

So even in the times of your defeat, know I am still with you. In the times of delay and setbacks, know I am with you still. For there is nothing that will separate you from my love. And there is no obstacle so big as to be able to break the grasp of my hold on your life.

So know, though it seems I am distant and perhaps even uninvolved, know I am there by your side every minute of the day, even when you sleep. For my heart for you is near and strong. Just as I see your heart aching in your times of struggle, so also my heart aches along with yours. And though I seem distant, I am not. For even the very littlest detail about your life does not go unnoticed, even the number of the hairs on your head.

So allow me to comfort you when you are hurting. Allow me to be close to you in your times of pain, and despair, and confusion. For I will be your rock. I will be your foundation and be your source of strength. I will bring you out of the darkness and give you my perspective to see the purpose of it all. And the understanding and revelation of purpose will aid you greatly. It will give meaning to your suffering, and will give importance to the things which seem pointless.

For none of these things are meaningless. None of these things are pointless. And your life, and the little details in it, are certainly not pointless. For I care for you so deeply, so greatly. I desire to draw you to my side and bring you near to my heart, and into a place of safety and warmth and protection. For near my heart all of these things flow in abundance.

So my Dear Ones, come to me in your times of hurt and heartache, and I will surround you will my love. I will surround you with my embrace and comfort you, and encourage you, and lift you up, though you feel lost and hopeless. I will pick you up, and put your feet on solid ground.

And tomorrow will be a new day. And when the things of tomorrow come about you’ll be happy as we walk together on your path, discovering, confronting, and overcoming all the challenges in your life.

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