Allow Me To Enter

Neil Vermillion —  February 16, 2015 —  Comments

If you will quiet the noise within your mind, you will hear me. If you will make time to seek me, you will find me. If you will cast your vision on to me, you will see me. For my heart desires to reveal myself to you, my Little Ones. I desire to show myself to you, to make myself real to you, to be involved with you day after day, just as with Adam when we walked together in the cool of the evening.

And though you feel alone, you feel as though I am uninvolved, you feel as though I’ve forgotten you, know I am not far from you. For my heart is near you, my plans are for you, my spirit longs to be close to you. If you will make time for us to be together I will show up. If you will consistently search for me, you will find me. And though it will require effort on your part, it will require a bit of work and sacrifice, you will find me. If you draw yourself close to me, I will draw myself close to you.

For the cares of this world will pull you away and distract and seduce you. And the worries of wealth, and the pursuit of wealth, will occupy your mind and your heart. And the things set before your mind from your culture will cloud your ears, cloud your eyes, cloud your heart, so you will not be able to see, hear, or feel me as you could, or as you should. And while you desire to know me and be close to me, you do not make the sacrifice to make me top priority.

So because I am not top priority you put the blame on me when your futile and foolish plans fail. When you ignore my spirit you put the blame on me when your schemes lead to your harm. And when you ignore my words and my commands you accuse me of being unloving, unaware, uncaring. So know, I see all these things, and love you still. And though you reject me in many ways with pursuit of your worthless idols, still I love you, still I pursue you, still I wait for you patiently.

For I am great in patience. I am great in waiting for your heart to turn around. I am great at persistently, and gently, knocking on the door of your heart, waiting for you to one day allow me to enter. For you’ve heard my voice, but not allowed me to enter. You’ve heard my knock, but not allowed me to enter. You’ve acknowledged I exist, but have not allowed me to enter. You’ve not allowed me to be Lord of your life.

So you’ve accepted part of me – the parts you like, the parts you find palatable. But you’ve not accepted my lordship fully. You’ve not accepted the cross set before you. You’ve not spent time learning of me, from me, with me. So understand, I am waiting. I will continue to wait, until the time comes when I can wait no more. Do not continue to delay. For great will be the joy you will experience. And great will be your reward for obedience. The idols you hold fast to are worthless, but the rewards I will give you will be immeasurable, uncontainable.

So delay no longer. Allow me to enter in to your heart. Allow me to be Lord of your life, in every way, in every area, in every day. And I will bring you to the places you truly desire. I will love you all your days with a never-ending love, a love that knows no bounds. So come away with me, and let us dwell together. Allow me to enter.

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