An Acceleration In Your Pace

Neil Vermillion —  April 22, 2015 —  Comments

And know, today I am building on previous, small victories you’ve experienced. I’m taking all the small steps you’ve taken and I’m expanding them. I’m increasing them. I’m multiplying them. I’m going to take what you’ve already done and I’m going to enlarge it. And I’m going to take you further than you thought you could go. But know this is how it all starts. It starts small.

So do not despise the days of your small beginnings. For surely this is how everything starts, in the small fashion. But I’m going to be taking you to new pastures, to new grounds, to new territories. And I’m going to reveal many new things to you. So as you have shown yourself faithful with the little things of the past, I’m going to expand you. I’m going to take what you’ve been given, and I will give you even more.

And though your progression took some time in the past, know in these days I’m going to do a quick work and you I’m going to accelerate the process. I’m going to release these things to you quickly and it’s going to be challenging for you to keep up at times. But know I’ll be with you. I’ll help you along the way. I will make a way for you to be able to keep up. So know these challenges are from me. This pace is from me, though it is hard, though it is difficult. Know this is the thing I am doing in this hour, in the season. So make yourself ready. Take the time to prepare yourself, and make yourself ready.

For in making yourself ready you will be able to keep up. The pace won’t be so difficult for you. So do all you can now to prepare yourself. For you will see the thing coming ahead of time and you will not be surprised. You’ll not be surprised if you open your eyes, and open your ears, and open your heart.

For I will speak it to you. I will show it to you. I will reveal it to you and you will know it. You will see it, and feel it. So make yourself ready for this new pace, for it will be quite challenging for you.

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