Becoming Like Little Children

Neil Vermillion —  December 10, 2014 —  Comments

There are so many adventures set before you. And while you feel lost and confused, remember I am not. And while you feel there is a fog before you, clouding your vision and your perspective, remember my vision is not clouded. And there are many things you know and many things you see, but even still there is more. There is still so much more before you, you do not see.

For many of you tend to focus on hurts, and questions, and obstacles, and you ask yourself “why are they there?”, or “how long will this last?”, or “am I doing something wrong?”. But from my perspective all these things are working out. So I’m encouraging you to let go of yourself, and your right to self-govern, and instead become like little children. Instead, release your concerns, your fears, your questions, and simply come to me.

Come to me, and I will take care of you. For I am a good shepherd, and I will lead you to all these places your heart desires. For it is my will to bring you to the place of satisfaction and fulfillment. These are the places you will arrive at if you continue to follow me. Although the path we will take to get there will be different than the path you would choose for yourself, trust and remember, I will bring you to these green pastures, so you may lie down beside the still waters. And your soul will rejoice, and relax, and will be content. And we will celebrate in our love together.

All these things will happen over the course of time as you surrender yourself to me, follow me, allow my leadership to guide and direct you day by day, step by step. As you let go of questions which do not serve you, but only confuse you and hinder you, you will begin to walk in more joy, and walk with a lighter burden. For there are many things you do not see, and there are many things you do not have the answer to, just yet.

So don’t continue to spend energy focusing on these little things, these things you cannot control or change anyway. Don’t spend your emotions dwelling on these obstacles. For over time they will rob you of your heart and enthusiasm. They are but a distraction to the greater things set before you. So put away these things. Though they are real, put them away from your focus, put them away from your concern, and know I’m aware of them and I have all these little things taken care of already.

Let go of your hurts, your fears, your worries, and allow yourself to be a little child, and come away with me. And together we will walk in the joy I have for you, regardless of your circumstances. We will drink from the water that brings no sorrow, regardless of your circumstances. We will share the precious moments together and enjoy the intimacy of our company together, regardless of your circumstances.

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