Believe, Follow, Obey

Neil Vermillion —  February 20, 2015 —  Comments

For these are days of rapid acceleration or those willing to learn. These are days of rapid advancement for those willing to do the work. These are times of great revelation, for those willing to sit at my feet and listen. For there is no good thing I will withhold from those who come to me, for those who live righteously, obediently.

For there are colors of the rainbow you’ve not yet seen. There are sounds of the heavenlies, you’ve not yet heard. There are concepts and ideas and innovations you’ve not yet even begun to conceive. And I have all these things wrapped up for you, for those willing to seek and listen. For those who are hungry will surely be filled. And those who are curious, will surely find the hidden treasures.

And know, my heart is speaking to your heart. And if your heart burns with passions and is compelled to walk on water, know this is my spirit calling you out. If you hear my call, do not harden your heart. Do not continue to delay, but make plans to follow, make plans to respond. For my heart is burning to bring you to that place of destiny. My heart desires to call you out of mediocrity and complacency and propel you into the place of greatness, the place of fulfillment, the place of reward.

For though you know small things, there is so much hidden destiny still within you. There is still so much about yourself you are not aware of. And it will be revealed to you as you come away with me, and make time to sit at my feet and listen. And as you listen, it will be revealed. And as you obey, and continue to remain faithful, it will be revealed. For it will be shown to you in times of understanding, and it will also be shown to you in times of activity – both will be times of revelation for you.

So make time to understand, and resolve within your heart to continue to obey. For in your obedience you will be active, and in this place of activity revelation will also be available to you. For you will learn many things by doing. By serving, loving, sacrificing, obeying, you will receive much, and your spirit will absorb much. You will be changed and transformed as you are active, doing my will.

So know, I am guiding you. I am training you. I am preparing you even this day. Do not harden your hearts to my call, but simply believe, follow, and obey.

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