Birthing Greater Consistency In Times Of Confusion

Neil Vermillion —  December 12, 2014 —  Comments

And I know you feel tired along the way. But in your times of feeling weary, reach out to me, and I will encourage you. I will help you. I will strengthen you. I will energize your spirit within you, and restore the hope hiding down deep inside. And while it seems the journey is so great, so difficult, and so long, my spirit will give you the perseverance needed to finish. For it is my plan for you to accomplish all I’ve set before you.

For I’ve laid out plans before you and I’ve many things assigned for you to do. And there is great purpose, and great responsibility within you as well. So know, while you are growing in love, and growing in your knowledge, know you are also growing in your power to accomplish, and growing in your power to obey and follow.

For many of you desire to obey, but are weak. And many of you desire to follow me fully, but are easily distracted. So I will assist you in these things, and I will help you follow more fully. I will help you obey more quickly, and obey more consistently. For this will be a great thing for you, to obey me and follow my plans. There will be so many blessings for you if you will but remain on the path I have for you.

For in times of confusion your tendency is to avert your eyes off the path, to you avert your eyes off of me. And in these times confusion comes in. And in these times fog increases. So know, I am working to refine the issues of your heart so when times of confusion roll in you will no longer avert your eyes off me. You will no longer turn your eyes to another, but instead, will remain true to me. And this will spawn greater obedience within you. And this will spawn more consistency as you continue to follow me day after day.

So know all the paths have already been marked out for you, and I’ve seen them all. I’ve seen your mistakes. I’ve seen your failures. I’ve seen all the problems, yet I still love you, and yet I still desire to redeem and restore. So trust in my plans for you. And trust I am helping you to grow in obedience for me. For my plans to bless you and to prosper you will only come about as you continue to follow, and as you continue to obey.

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