Bringing You Up In The Ways Of Love

Neil Vermillion —  March 17, 2015 —  Comments

So as you let go of things of this world, let go of your ideas and natural thinking, let go of your goals and plans, surely I will inhabit that space if you allow me. For while your heart wants to do the right thing, there is still adjustment needed. And while you want to train yourself, you must allow me to do the adjusting. For you do not have the right perspective to make the adjustments. You do not have the vision to be able to adjust and correct yourself. So allow me to come in and assist you.

For I will mentor you. I will train you. I will be that loving father to guide you, teach you, and bring you up in the ways of love. For just as I loved my son, so also do I love you. And it is because of this great love I have for you I desire to bring you to a greater place of joy and fulfillment. For the place you are is but temporary. Though it seems you’ve occupied this space for so long, there is coming a day in which you will look back and realize it was but a brief time.

And as you open yourself up to me, to sit with me, I will bring you to the new places you’ve not discovered yet. I will bring you to the green pastures, to the places you’ve never even heard of. And this will surprise you. And this will even startle and scare you at first. But over time, as you grow in these things, you will learn to trust in me and trust in my leadership. You will learn I am good.

For you look to me like a man. You think of me like a man. You doubt me, just as you would doubt a man. But I am no man. So I say to you today, if you put your trust in me I will not disappoint you. If you make time to sit with me, I will not disappoint you. If you believe in me, follow me, trust me with all you have, I will not betray you.

So as your heart fears my lordship, allow yourself to let go of this fear. For this fear will hold you back, it will stop you from becoming all you could be. It will hinder your walk. For all the things I have in store for you are good. I will not harm you, but will love you, protect you, heal you, provide for you, and give you every good thing, and even more than you’ve imagined.

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