Call To Make Ready For Battle

Neil Vermillion —  September 23, 2014 —  Comments

And even in these days I am calling those out with battle in their hearts be begin to sharpen their swords. I’m calling to battle those who’ve been sleeping. I’m awakening desires, passions, talents, and even obsessions within my people. And my people will hear my voice, and will respond, and they will take up their arms and make themselves ready for the battle soon at hand.

Though many of you have not yet tasted battle, the time is coming when you will have all the experience you need. The time of training will be brief, but the time of practice, the time of application, will be abundant. So understand this, though you may not feel entirely ready, entirely prepared and equipped, I am moving in this hour and I am with you. As you cooperate with me your lack of experience will not limit you.

For I will move through you mightily. And I will guide you righteously to the things I’ve called you to. And I will activate you and I will empower you, and it will all happen so very quickly. So know and understand all these things, and make your hearts ready. For the battle call is very real, and the days are brief. So resolve within yourself this day whom you will serve.

For the days of indecision are drawing to a close. The days of complacency and ambiguity are coming to a close. The days of playing on both sides of the fence are coming to a close. You will have to pick one side or the other. You will have to pick in permanent ways, knowing your choices matter and carry eternal consequences. So consider deeply and seriously, and do not take this lightly, for your eternity could be hanging in the balance.

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