Call To Remain Steadfast And Focused

Neil Vermillion —  February 3, 2015 —  Comments

And though you see yourself as weak, and though you know your limits, I am calling you to step out past your limits, and to embrace your weakness. For there are distinct mindsets within you I desire to expunge. There are limits in your mind holding you back, slowing you down, robbing you of your fullest potential, robbing you of your fullest reward.

So know I will be your personal coach day by day. And though there will come times of great challenge, remember all these things are working for a much greater glory, and a much greater purpose, yet to be revealed fully. None of these trials, none of these struggles, none of these hardships are for nothing. None of them will be for nothing. None of them are pointless. For all these things are working together for your good, if you will continue to remain strong, and will continue to remain faithful.

And there is a satisfaction that will be set before you as you cross the finish line. As you continue to remain faithful, you will see the satisfaction and taste the fruits of your labor. For all these things will bring you to this place, as these are my plans for you. So as you encounter lies, and as you encounter voices that would seek to steal your joy, or sway you from the path, or delay you from your timing, remain focused. Draw yourself close to me. Listen to my voice. Ignore all the other voices, and remain steadfast, focused on what I put before you.

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