Call To The Path Of Mercy

Neil Vermillion —  October 17, 2014 —  Comments

For my love for you is great. And my patience for you is great. And though I’ve waited and waited for such a very long time, I’m still patient, still waiting even more. For I desire you to come to me, to seek me, to love me. And I will wait as you need time to find the end of yourself. And I will wait as you seek your own plans and learn the foolishness of them all.

For nothing will compare with what I have in store for you. Nothing else will be an adequate substitute to my will for your life. And though it seems scary, and though it seems costly, understand my will for your life is so much greater than any cheap counterfeit or any idol could ever give you. For my richness is unparalleled, and my mercy is beyond measure. And my love is overwhelming, and my generosity knows no bounds.

For I am the creator and the source, and it is from me all good things come. There is no other source. But yet, I desire to reveal myself to those who will love me voluntarily. I desire to call to you and bring you to my side, next to my heart, so you will know me intimately, not as a speculator. For you are my people, and you are my dearly beloved. And I will move many mountains so we can be together.

And my heart is bursting with desire to pour out mercy, if only you will choose it. So I call to you now, choose the path of mercy. Choose the easy path, the path of life. Choose the righteous path, the path that will keep you. Choose the path of life in me, and you will be not only sustained, but also fulfilled time and time again in every way imaginable.

For I am the God who satisfies. And I will satisfy you fully, if you will only choose me and choose my path. So I call out to you, and encourage you today, choose the path of life. Choose the path of mercy. Choose the path of righteousness.

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