Choose The Path Of Love Though It Will Be Costly

Neil Vermillion —  October 9, 2014 —  Comments

As you continue to come away with me you will surely be overwhelmed. You will be overwhelmed with my goodness and overwhelmed with my glory. For the things you’ve seen are but small in comparison to the fulness I’ve yet to show you. And to some of you, this sounds like an empty promise, but to those who’ve tasted from a distance your heart hears, sees, and feels the hope within you, calling you to deeper and deeper waters.

So there is no way you could ever completely define me. There is no way you would ever completely understand me. And in many ways I am a great mystery to you, hidden deep beyond what you are able to understand. And there are many worlds yet undiscovered, and many places and realities and realms all still undiscovered for you.

And in your smallness, and in your frail humanity you presume I am like you, and presume I will behave like you. And you say this because you do not know. You do not know me, and you do not know my ways. Instead you only know yourselves and only know your human ways.

So once again I invite you to come away with me. I’m inviting you to come to know me. For knowing me will be your great reward. For near me is the greatest treasure you could ever discover. And the simplicity of this truth is a stumbling block to some, but to those who’ve smelled the fragrance from a distance, you will know the source of this truth as you have already tasted of its goodness.

So as I continue to wait patiently for you to come, make every effort not to delay. Work to dismantle all the busyness in your life. Work to reduce the clutter. Work to eliminate the noise and distraction, and all that is not essential, yet so ever-present day after day. For the joy and the reward awaiting you is beyond measure, and beyond your comprehension.

And in the course of time you will reap according to the seeds you have taken the time to sow. So ask yourself this day, “Where am I sowing seeds?”. For surely you will reap according to what you have sown.

So consider these words, and consider your life, and consider what is before you, and choose wisely. Choose the path of love, though it will be costly. Choose the path of life, though it will look like death to you on the surface. Simply say “yes” to my plans, my purposes, and my timing, and you will surely reap a large bounty.

For your greatest rewards are coming soon. And though it seems like your reward will never come, I am telling you today it will seem like the waiting time was but a mere blink of your eye upon its arrival.

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