Come To Me

Neil Vermillion —  January 5, 2015 —  Comments

My children, do not run from me in fear. Do not be afraid. Come to me in your times of hurting and in the times of disappointment. For I will comfort you and help you in your times of need. Whatever your hurts are, whatever it is you need, I will be there for you. I will receive you with kindness, not harshness. So come to me though you feel all ashamed and want to hide.

For all these things are not hidden from me. All these things are already seen by me. I know what you have need of before you even ask. So do not hide yourself from my presence when you need me most. For in these times our relationship will grow in strength. As you reach to me, and find me there, you will grow in confidence of who I am, and you will grow in confidence of my love for you.

For my love for you is great – immeasurable. My plans for you are great – so great you cannot comprehend them all. My patience for you is great – so great you cannot fathom its vastness for you. So run to me when you find you have fallen. Come to me when you feel you have missed it and have completely messed everything up. For in these times you will see my kindness and my mercy, and you will learn me in new ways.

For it is my desire to show mercy. It is my heart towards you to redeem you, to restore you, to protect, help, and encourage you. So in times of great despair and hurt and disappointment come to me. Do not run away. Do not hide. Come to me.

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