Coming To The End Of Yourself

Neil Vermillion —  November 17, 2014 —  Comments

As you continue to struggle and continue to meet opposition I invite you to continue to reach out to me. For in these trials and hardships weakness is being exposed, areas of deficiency are being exposed, issues within your heart are being exposed. And while you may prefer not to deal with these things, know I am working behind the scenes to bring about awareness of these things.

So understand, the very thing you are wanting to avoid is the very thing I am bringing to the surface. The very issues you want to avoid, are the very issues I desire to confront. So as you face your hardships reach out to me, and I will help you in these things. In your trials, reach out to me and I will be there with you, alongside you every minute, every day. For it is my desire to bring you through these things, and to aid you in your process of liberation.

For it is within these hardships you will reach your limits. You will come to the end of yourself as you encounter the cross set before you. And while your natural self would desire to avoid this cross, and avoid all these limits, your eternal self will be liberated as you encounter them. For truly, my plans are to set you free of all the lies and all the bondages, and all the idols in your life. And though they are so familiar to you, they seem to right, they will harm you, they will destroy you, they are wicked and evil.

So in the times you feel you cannot carry on, reach out to me, and I will assist you. I will help you as you come to all your limits. I will be there by your side to guide you, to encourage you, to strengthen you, and to spawn new realms of hope within your heart.

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