Days Of Activation & Deployment

Neil Vermillion —  April 20, 2015 —  Comments

And today surely I’m expanding you. I’m taking you further. And I’m taking you there more quickly than in days past. I’m taking you past the things you’ve attempted, and I’m going to bring you to that place of accomplishment. I’m taking you to that next level, for I am advancing you in this season.

So know, you’re ready, and able. So I’m going to be issuing your marching orders, for surely it is time for you to march. And as I have moved on your behalf to prepare you and train you, now I will also move on your behalf to activate you. For in days past I opened up doors for your training, doors for your preparation. And I I made a way for you to enroll into the classes, into the schooling you needed, though you didn’t always know it at the time. So know, I’ve made you ready. I’ve prepared you. And now it’s time to activate you.

For now is the time for me to take you past where you’ve been, and take you past where you are now. So know, in this day I am advancing you to the next level. I am beginning to activate you. And remember, this season of activation, and this season of advancement, has been initiated by me. For this time will be challenging. It will be difficult. It will even be scary for you at times. But know this is what I am doing in this season, even today.

So understand, my Dear Ones, I’m bringing you to that place of deployment, and I’m sending you out. And though it will be a challenge I’m going to ask you to step out. For when you step out, I’m going to meet you, and we will walk together and do the great exploits. We will do the great things I have in store for you. But it will require you to step out in faith. And it will require you to walk in obedience to the things I’ve already told you to do. Surely my hand will be with you. My grace will be with you. And I will help you every step of the way.

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