Days of Conflict And Confrontation To Bring About Reconciliation

Neil Vermillion —  April 13, 2015 —  Comments

Today is an important day. And though there have been other days like this, and there will still be other days yet to come, today I am releasing the call to assemble. For today is a day of aligning for against resistance and organizing the troops and organizing yourself for battle. It is time to wield the sword and fight for what you believe in. It’s time to hold your ground and not lose even an inch. For surely there is resistance standing in defiance against you.

For though you know your leader, you’ve not yet entered in the battle. And so I’m calling you to prepare now. Not only prepare yourself with knowledge, but prepare yourself for the hard work, and prepare yourself for the down and dirty. For the times are coming when you will be greeted with hostility, and yes, you will not be welcomed. And just know, these days are soon coming, and they will be here before you know it. So it’s time to assemble yourselves together. Continue to make yourselves ready. It’s time to shed all that’s excess and all that’s irrelevant in your life. It’s time to prepare for times of battle, and prepare for the days of great glory.

But understand, your preparation will not be calm. It will not be easy. It will not be pleasant. It will be challenging. It will be uncomfortable. It will try you to your limits, but it will bring you to the place of excellence. For there is a warrior spirit within, desiring to be released. For surely my Bride has also been made to takeover, to rule and reign, but also to achieve and accomplish in battle. So understand these words, and understand the day in which you re living. For these words should provoke you. These words should cause you to take inventory.

For even today, I am releasing my battle plans. And I am giving you insight who to align with. For you will not fight alone. You will not be standing all by yourself. I will align you together, if you will seek me, and listen. For you will be given part of the plan, not the entire plan. You will be given a piece, not the entirety. So understand, you will need other members in order for it to be complete. And yes, you will even need other members complete the portions assigned to you. This is how I’ve set it up, and this is how I will let it become known. The pieces will all come together, as one body, with my son ruling as your head. And it will not happen another way.

So I will be moving in hearts, for there is much turmoil, and much conflict, and much unforgiveness among my people. And I will escalate issues so they will finally come to a head, and everything will be exposed, and put into the open. And there will be much confessions, and much reconciliation, and many, many apologies. It will be a time of upheaval, and a time of expelling hurts and offenses. It will be a messy time – awkward, intense, and uncomfortable. And there will be much conflict, many arguments, many disagreements.

But this will be only temporary. For in the end this process will bring about healing. In the end it will be good. This process will bring about the reconciliation needed. In the end it will result in union together, and it will forge strength in existing relationships.

This is part of my strategy. This is part of what I am doing in this hour to help prepare and refine my Bride.

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