Days of Destiny Being Confirmed, Refined, And Renewed

Neil Vermillion —  August 26, 2014 —  Comments

So in this time of launching out in to new things some of you will be discovering new talents, new desires, new visions, and new goals. It will be a time of discovery and exploration and activation.

But for other, it will be a time to confirm what you already know. For there are many desires, many plans planted deep within you already. They are planted like seeds beneath the soil, in need of water, waiting to be activated. And these seeds, though not active, not mature, still hold certain properties that have influenced your path all your life. Since the day you were born your purpose and destiny had been taking shape.

While these seeds have not sprung roots yet, they have still made a contribution to the vision before your eyes, and the desires within your heart. And as you’ve taken time to know me by my spirit, my spirit has spoken to you, revealing and confirming depths and details about your vision, about your future, about your destiny. So for many of you, this time of awakening will be more of a homecoming. It will be a time of finally arriving into new levels of talents you’ve been working to perfect already. It will be a time of graduating to the next level in the cycle of the process.

And so with this promotion, with this new level of activation, will also come a certain sense of satisfaction as your destiny in me becomes one step closer. There will be a solidarity that will help to sustain your purpose, and confirm my plans for you. And this confirmation will help you remain focused, and help the fire within you to burn hotter and brighter than before.

For surely I will stoke your fire, and light it, but it will be up to you to continue to tend it, keep it burning, and watch over it so as not to lose the fire, to not allow it to go out altogether. And for those who have remained faithful over the years, their fire will burn hot, it will burn brightly, and in the days you have already entered in to this increase in the burning fire will become more and more evident.

And the satisfaction you are experiencing even this very minute is but a small foretaste of what you will enjoy when all things have matured, when the fulness of all the plans have come to their fruition. It will take some time, but it will be so very sweet. And all the delays, all the disappointments, all the setbacks will seem so very small.

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