Days of New Perspective And New Inspiration

Neil Vermillion —  April 3, 2015 —  Comments

And in these days I am giving you new inspiration for worship. I am releasing a new perspective that will inspire and sustain. So if you’ve felt your fire grown cold, and the light grown dim, know I am reigniting that fire, I am rekindling what once burned bright and what once burned hot.

And in this season of new inspiration for worship new ideas and new innovations will also emerge. For surely I am quickly releasing the spirit of innovation. And in this innovation you will dream new dreams now that you have new possibilities to consider. And now that I have also released a new perspective you will see things differently. You will begin to see solutions in places you had only seen problems in days past.

And with these new innovations birthed from a release of new perspective, you will also create new combinations and new applications for existing things as well. For surely my spirit of creativity is upon those who know me, for those who will say yes and follow me by faith. For the new perspective is not limited only to worship, though this will be entrance. No. This new perspective will spill out in to other areas, other subjects, other uses and applications.

So these are days of having fun and being free. These will be days of reconsidering limits of your past, reconsidering things that seemed to difficult, too costly, too expensive, or requiring too much time. For these new innovations, new inventions, and new perspective will shift your paradigms in many ways, for many people. And it will result in many doors being opened to you, doors that previously had been closed.

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