Delays Bringing About Death To Your Own Strength

Neil Vermillion —  November 10, 2014 —  Comments

For the path seems delayed, and the path seems so as though there are many twists and turns, and it’s as though you are lost. And at times it seems as though you have no direction, no hope, no plan. In these moments reach out to me, and I will reach back to you. I will be there to comfort you, to guide you, to encourage you.

For though the delays are real, and they seem so long, in the big scheme of eternity, they are not. For this life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. And the sufferings, though painful, are only temporary. And while this is a bitter thing to understand, knowing this will liberate you to see things in the long term, having less focus on the short term.

For in these delays, there is a death to yourself you experience. There is a death to your own ideas, a death to your own timing, a death to your own ability to make your own way in this world. And though this death is painful, it will set you free of deception. It will free you from the deception of your idols, of your pride, of your faith in your own strength, of trusting in your own righteousness.

And from the outside some of these things will not seem so bad. They will not seem to be completely terrible. But from my perspective these things will lead you to your own death and destruction. So in the place of delay, in the times you experience death to yourself in many ways, you are then set free to understand me better, and to see things the way I do, and trust in me, and know me. So while painful, the times of delay help you so very much.

And while the delays seem so big, and seem as though there have been so many, in reality, they are not. They are not big. They are not many. They will not cause you to lose out. They will not cause you to miss the mark. For my ability to redeem all that’s been lost will be displayed. And my plans for you are so much greater than any little delays you may encounter along the way.

So in these times of delay, do not let your heart be troubled, but rejoice. Rejoice that you are dying to your self, and rejoice that patience is working in you so you will be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

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