Desire For You To Achieve The Best

Neil Vermillion —  January 22, 2015 —  Comments

Though you are walking on the right path don’t think you will never encounter hardships. And though you encounter hardships don’t believe my hand is against you. For though you will face difficulties in this life as you continue down your path in life, know I am with you in all these things.

So don’t believe just because things are difficult that I’ve forgotten you, or that I am not with you, or that I am against you. For surely I will correct you because I love you. And I will expose issues of your heart that need to be addressed. And while this will be painful, the pain will only be temporary. The pain of correction is much less than the pain of not being corrected.

And it is my heart that loves you which inspires this correction. For I desire to see you achieve the best you can. I desire the very best for you in all things. So of course I will confront lies are believing, and will confront habits that need to be changed, and will confront issues in your heart and mind that are not righteous. For what father who loves his children does not correct them?

But don’t feel in these times of correction that my hand is against you. Don’t fall into the trap of that lie. Don’t feel because there is a delay, or because you’ve taken a route different than you originally thought that you have somehow missed the mark entirely. These are lies that will hold you back, and leave you feeling discouraged.

So trust I am with you in all things – in the good and the bad. And trust my plans for you are to bring you to the place of righteousness in spite of your shortcomings you may have. Trust in me, and hold fast to your faith. For in these things you will be corrected, and will be refined, and will come out like pure gold.

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