Display Your Gifts And Talents For All To See

Neil Vermillion —  January 15, 2015 —  Comments

Many of you desire to hear from me more clearly. Many of you desire to see visions and dream wild, creative dreams. Many of you desire to give counsel to those in places of high influence and high authority. So allow this to grow within you, and foster that desire to be used greatly for the things of my kingdom.

For you have been given gifts and talents for my glory. So if you have this desire, or even perhaps others, allow those desires to grow and be a faithful steward over those gifts. Nurture them, develop them, protect them, improve them, and exercise them consistently. For these gifts have been given you to be used, not to be hidden. So do not be bashful, do not be ashamed of these gifts I’ve placed within you, but instead share them generously, and even boldly with those around you.

For they have been given for your use, but also they have been given for the benefit of others. In the same way, let these good gifts be on display, that others that do not know your father will see them and witness the goodness of his nature. For in these gifts you will also bring glory to your father in heaven.

And if you continue to remain faithful and develop what’s been given you, surely you will be rewarded and advanced. You will be taken from one level to the next, up and up and on and on continually. And so if you desire to sit before king’s continue with your gift. And so whatever your desire is within you heart, continue to ask, seek, and knock, and all those doors will be opened to you again, and again.

For there are many adventures and many treasures set before you still hidden. And all these treasures will be revealed to you as you set your foot into motion and move in faith and in boldness. So don’t look back! Don’t look to the right or to the left, but remain focused on what I’ve put before you, and remain focused on the season in which you are in, and all these things will manifest and begin to make sense to you over time.

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