Do Not Fear The Conflict

Neil Vermillion —  September 10, 2014 —  Comments

I am saying this plainly, clearly – conflict is coming. Times of stress, sifting, shaking, and turmoil are coming, and those with wisdom will take heed and make themselves ready. The message will be repeated again and again. And this message will be sounded by many messengers, from different place, different generations, different backgrounds, and different circles. But still, those who will hear the call will be rare, and few.

So take time to quiet the noise in your life – the daily routine, the distractions, the superfluous – and examine the desires and motives of your heart. Come! Investigate me by my word and by my spirit. Seek me with all your strength. Look for me the way you would look for a rare and precious hidden treasure.

And to those who seek me with all their strength, that spare no expense if their search, I will reveal myself to them fully. I will show my splendor and majesty and the reward for them will be great. Surely I will not disappoint my faithful ones. And those who remain faithful until the end, will be able to sit with me, and come close to me where there is fulness of joy and pleasures forever more.

But also know, the times of the conflict are coming and the best way you can prepare is to be close to me. If you are close to me you will not fear when all things on Earth are being shaken. Though there will be confusion, and circumstances will be bleak, you will not fear and will be granted my peace and confidence in spite of the storm. For my plans and my heart will be revealed to you, and you will know me face to face as one knows their own father.

I encourage you now, to take time to be prepared for the days soon coming. Do not fear the conflict, but arm yourself, prepare yourself, and make yourself ready. For surely it is coming.

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