Do Not Fear The Path Put Before You

Neil Vermillion —  September 24, 2014 —  Comments

As you come close to me I will continue to come close to you. For those willing to abandon the distractions of this life, I will reveal myself. For those willing to abandon the plans they have for their own life, I will reveal my plans to you. And all these things will be accomplished in due season, if you will remain faithful until the end.

For the days of testing are coming. These days will truly test your heart and will truly test where your loyalties lie. And when you fall and make mistakes be quick to get back up, quick to repent, quick to forget about your mistakes. Pick up your cross quickly.

For in the cross is your place of safety. There will be mess and confusion on all sides. There will be danger and catastrophe on all sides. But in the cross you will find your place of refuge and safety.

So do not fear the cross.

Though it looks like death to your natural self, though it looks terribly painful, though it is not glamorous, do not fear it. Instead, embrace the cross. Embrace the path marked for you and laid before your eyes even this very day.

For there is a unique path for you to walk. And this path will require the very most from you. It will require you to discard many things in your life. And you will hate it at times, but it will save you.

So do not fear the path put before you. Do not fear the cross, and what will be required of you. For the cross is the place of your safety, and the only way for you to live. For if you die to yourself, you will live unto me. And together we will accomplish all that’s been assigned for you in this day and hour and season.

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