Do Whatever It Takes To Reset Your Priorities

Neil Vermillion —  February 18, 2015 —  Comments

For though you press and push and rebel and deny me, still I am waiting for you patiently. And my love for you is great. And my patience for you is great. And my grace for you is great. But for your own benefit, do not continue to rebel, do not continue to disobey. For there is coming a day of reckoning and I want you to be prepared. I don’t want you to show up surprised. I don’t want you to show up unprepared, all clueless and unaware.

For my plans for you, which you know not of, will bring you to a place of reward if you are willing to follow. If you are willing to obey, I will bring you through all the trials and you will come out like pure gold. And your enemies will all be scattered, and the fears so active and alive in your heart will be removed, they will be erased. And you will reside in security, you will reside in peace. And my love for you will never grow cold.

So do whatever it takes to not lose your own soul. Do whatever is within your power to listen to me, and heed what I say. For the day of reckoning will come soon enough. Do not pursue the things before your eyes that are here today and gone tomorrow, but instead pursue real wealth, real treasure that cannot be taken from you, that cannot be stolen or broken, that will never rot or be destroyed.

Do whatever it takes to reset your priorities, and refocus your vision. For these matters are urgent, and these matters are important, and these matters are worthy of your attention. The small morsels you feed on will not satisfy you, they will not nourish you. As you come to me, I will feed you, and you will be full, you will be content. You will also be nourished and productive, as I continue to feed you day after day, as you eat the scroll and learn of me and follow me.

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