Draw Yourself Close To Me

Neil Vermillion —  September 19, 2014 —  Comments

When you feel discouraged and hopeless draw yourself close to me. In times of disappointment and memories of loss flood your mind and emotions, draw yourself close to me. For restoration and hope are available to you if you will come to me. I will not turn you away. I will not be mean to you. I will replenish your storehouse of hope within your heart. And though you feel bankrupt I will renew your strength and give you hope to carry on again for another day.

I know the road ahead of you seems so long, and it feels like you’ve been traveling so far, for so long already. But do not lose heart along the way. I am here to help you, to comfort you, to preserve you.

For those willing to say yes to my call the battle and struggle is very real. And while you feel exasperated, realize I will continue to sustain you even in times of great struggle and hardship. Especially in these times draw yourself close to me. As you do, your heart will grow alive and even thrive regardless of the adversity and hardship you will be experiencing.

And this is a paradox to your mind, but I can assure you my spirit is greater than your mind can fully comprehend. So do not allow yourself to be limited by your thoughts, what you can understand, or what makes sense to you. But walk by faith, walk by my word, and walk by my spirit, and I will surely guide you into the paths of destiny in store for you. For there is so much in store for you, and I will be there to assist you along the way, just as a good shepherd.

So come away with me, and cast your cares on to me, and we will rest together, and dine together, and enjoy the company and fellowship as father and son. For my heart towards you is moved and full of compassion, not anger. I’m calling you to my side to restore you and encourage you, not tear you down or hurt you.

And while there are many things taking place in your life working by way of process, know in spite of all these things, I am with you, I am here for you, and I will comfort you and sustain you if you call out to me and draw yourself near to me, just as you have in days past.

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