Embracing Death To Yourself

Neil Vermillion —  November 18, 2014 —  Comments

And surely hope will not disappoint you. For I’ve put my hope within you through my Holy Spirit. And though I seem small, and silent, and uninvolved many times throughout the course of your life, remember I reside with you, and I am greater than all these things.

For the same spirit that raised my son from the dead resides within you, if you will but follow and obey. If you will circumcise your hearts and will submit to my spirit, you will be truly and completely amazed at what I will do through you. For your life is not your own. You have been bought at a price. So remember, as you encounter the death of yourself in many areas of your life, this is the very thing I have in store for you. The death of yourself is exactly where I want to take you.

For you no longer live, but it is the spirit of my son who lives in you, to rule and reign in your mortal body. And though this life is but fleeting, a temporary glimpse, a vapor, it is also still very important. This life, though brief, is so significant to your development, and to the course for which you will find yourself in the ages to come.

For you see pieces and you know parts, but you still do not yet know or understand the full spectrum of all I have in store for you. So while you fear death, learn to embrace it. While you desire to rule your own life, learn to die so I may rule in your life. For in me you will find your source of strength, your source of life, your source of joy and happiness, your source of satisfaction. And no other will be able to satisfy you like I can. You will find satisfaction in no one else like you will find it in me.

For the plans I have in store for you are truly marvelous. You will marvel time and time again for ages to come when you begin to comprehend the magnitude of what I have in store for you, My Beloved. And though the stress and pain of it all seems so much, know it is all small in comparison to the joy set before you, for the reward set before you, for all the greatness set before you, yet to be revealed.

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