Embracing Times Of Chaos And Confusion

Neil Vermillion —  September 22, 2014 —  Comments

In the days ahead to do not fear the storm as you see the clouds moving on the horizon. Though you see trouble brewing do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not fear the conflict. Do not fear for harm. All these things must happen in the due course of time as I continue to shake one thing after another.

And the shaking will seem to violent to some of you. And the shaking will seem to terrible to some of you. But know, in all this, the good plans I’ve established will be brought forth. And also know, these are still the harbinger of greater things yet to come. So prepare your hearts now, and resolve within yourself not to lose heart though the left and the right may be surrounded with chaos.

For the shaking will turn many things upside down, and will also throw many things out of balance, out of rhythm. As a result there will be much chaos and much confusion, and the mess will be great. But know, this is still only the beginning of the mess. And the mess soon coming will be even greater. And though it will be messy, still there will be restoration possible. Still there will be repentance possible. Still there is much possible for those who will turn their hearts to me even now this day and forsake their idols and forsake their false gods.

But know this conflict will come about. And know this will happen on my timetable according to my schedule, according to my agenda. And none of this will be delayed according to the orders already set in motion. So embrace this season of rapid change, and embrace this time of chaos and confusion, knowing I am working to continue to shake things up, and remembering this is still only just the beginning.

Do not let your heart be troubled, for the Lord your God is mighty in battle.

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