Eternal Perspective To Sustain You

Neil Vermillion —  November 3, 2014 —  Comments

Though your heart hurts and the pains of this world are very real, trust I am revealing myself to you, to those who will seek me. For though the troubles are real, so is my love for you, and so is my heart for you.

And though it seems the mountains in your life are so big, and so many, like they will never end, know also my love for you knows no end and is bigger than any mountain you have ever seen, or ever will see. And I see your heart and your times of despair and your times of discouragement. And it is in these times my heart hurts with yours, knowing the pain you are going through. But it is also in these times my hope and comfort is available for you. In the times of your darkness, in your times of your greatest hurts, in the times of your greatest need, reach out to me and I will meet you there.

For though you feel all alone, like you are being squashed by life, remember I am near you. And in the joy of our fellowship you heart will be renewed. Your vision will be renewed and strengthened. For my hope will flood your heart and will sustain you. My hope will bring about my eternal perspective and you’ll begin to see these trials as but light afflictions.

For this perspective is not natural. This perspective will not make sense to your logical mind. This perspective will only come by spending time with me, by knowing me, by allowing me to reveal and instill it deep within you. And once you possess this perspective, it will not be stolen from you. It will be costly, it will be painful, but it will be so valuable to you as well.

So in these times of hardship, remember, these things are working for a greater purpose deep within you. There is so much more happening in these moments than you are be able to realize and fully comprehend. So though you may not see or understand all that is happening, trust in me and trust in my plans for you.

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