Expanded Revelation If You Will Reduce The Noise

Neil Vermillion —  May 4, 2015 —  Comments

You are now entering days of expanded revelation. Take the things I’ve given you already and set your gaze upon them. Examine them. Look deeper, and ask more questions. For there are details to the knowledge within the seeds I’ve already given that will spring you into greater understanding and increased insight. There are details you didn’t notice before that will unlock small doors. And through these small doors you will be able to expand what you’ve been given already. You’ll be able to strengthen what you’ve already been given. You’ll be able to enhance, fortify, and improve what you already have.

And so with this time of expanded revelation you will be required to reduce the noise in your life. For there are too many voices, too many channels, too many signals clamoring for your attention, cluttering your hearing, clouding your vision, and confusing your understanding. With all of these distractions it’s no wonder you are confused. It’s no wonder you are unsure of my voice. It’s no wonder you are unsure of timing and seasons. But as you quiet the noise in your life you will hear me more clearly, more loudly. You will see me more frequently. You will feel me more closely.

So make effort to quiet the noise in your life. Take time to reduce the voices, reduce the distractions, reduce the things that are not essential, and wait upon me. Wait and see. Listen and see. Sit before me, seek me, and see what I will show you, what I will say to you, what I will teach and reveal to you.

By reducing the noise in your life your hearing will be refined. And you will know my voice, and you will follow and obey. And as you reduce the noise in your life, also make sure to make effort to increase my voice in your life. Take time to listen for me. Take time to allow me to influence you – to influence your thoughts, to influence your emotions, to influence your behavior, to influence your mindsets and what you perceive to be limits. Allow me to move on your heart and change your heart of stone, and give you a responsive, sensitive heart, a heart that hears and feels.

Take time to immerse yourself in my word. Allow my word to renew and transform your mind. Allow my hand to shape you and mold you into all I have intended for you. For there is great wisdom in allowing yourself to be shaped by my word. Conforming to my word is profoundly wise, and it is profoundly beneficial to you. So immerse yourself in my word. Take the time to hide it in your heart. Take the time to eat and digest it. For though you cannot live by bread alone, my daily bread for you is essential.

And as you come to know me by my word you will come to know me by my spirit. For you will begin to see me, hear me, feel me, know me in greater ways than you are able to comprehend now for this transformation is a process. It will take time. So as you continue to quiet the noise in your life and allow yourself to be transformed by my word you will open yourself up to this process to take its full effect within you. You will be sowing seeds for tomorrow that will surely bear much fruit in your life, if you will continue and will remain faithful.

And as you come to know me, knowing me by my word, knowing me by my spirit, your concept of me will grow and change. Your little ideas of me will be enlarged. Your small, convenient descriptions of me will expand and you will begin to grasp my complexities, my greatness, and my love for you. For there are many limits you place on yourself because you have placed limits on me within your mind. You do not believe because you have placed limits of what you believe I can and will do. You have placed limits on others because of your closed-minded thinking.

So as you take time to come to know me we will dismantle preconceived notions you have about who I am, and who I am not. You will come to know the real me. You will know me by encounter, by experience. You will know that you know me, and you will not follow the voice, or listen to the noise, of another.

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