Expect Your Vision To Become Clearer

Neil Vermillion —  September 18, 2014 —  Comments

For in days past you had a vision. You could see up to a point. But in this season, and in days soon coming, your vision will become more and more clear. The little details will be presented to you so you can put the pieces of the puzzle together accurately. For it is a time of making yourself ready, and part of getting ready is advancing in the things I’ve called you to pursue and to possess.

So don’t be surprised as you see obstacles beginning to seem smaller than in days past. When mountains have looked impossible to climb, I am now giving you perspective to see them as possible. Yes it will still require work and effort and preparation, but in your heart and in your mind the impossible will begin to seem possible. So continue to hold on with hope and passion to all I’ve placed within your heart, and continue to pray and seek me in the timing and strategy of its pursuit.

For in this day answers are becoming evident where they could not be found in the past. For I am guiding and revealing my people to the paths I have in store for them. And I have worked in settings and circumstances and networks to move things to align properly. So in this day be bold and take action to launch out and possess the land set before you. This is still the time to advance forward and conquer.

Trust I am doing these things and I am moving among my people on Earth in this day and hour. For this is a quick work I am doing for those who are willing to hear, follow, and obey. And I will guide you and continue to reveal answers to you, my Faithful Ones.

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