Experiencing Your Own Limits

Neil Vermillion —  November 21, 2014 —  Comments

For as you look to yourself to find your answers, and even find and establish your own identity, know I will continue to draw you away and bring you closer into the reality I have in store for you. For though you would look to your self to be your own salvation, I have plans for you to bring you out of those things, and bring you into a place of knowing me face to face, and bring you into a place of true, lasting salvation.

For the wisdom of man is foolishness, though it makes sense to your mind. For my ways will not always make sense to you. And my timing will most certainly not make sense to you. And there is so much you do not understand, how could you ever presume to make your own way, to make your own salvation?

For surely there are many things you experience in this world in which the primary purpose of it is to experience your limits, to come to the realization you cannot do it on your own, you cannot do it by yourself. And though my grace is available to all, many will choose the path of resistance, will choose the path of rebellion, will choose the path of pride. And to these, though my grace is available to them, they will choose the path of resistance, the path of difficulty, the path of hardship.

So as you feel as though death is coming upon you, remember these things are coming about to help awaken your perspective, to know and to realize your limits. For in this seeming death to self-reliance, you will be raised to walk in a life free of limitations, free from boundaries placed on you by circumstances. For my grace will surpass all these things and will meet you consistently, time and time again, in the places you need, at the time you need it. So know, as you choose the path of dying to yourself, you are choosing the path of life to your spirit.

And though this path is difficult, it is righteous. And though this path will hurt, it will be good, and it will be stable, and it will bear much fruit in years to come. For surely the good plans I have in store for you will lead you to the ultimate place of fulfillment. Though it may not come quickly, and may not appear the way you think it will or should, it will come. For there are so many good plans in store for you, for those who will follow and obey.

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