#DailyProphetic Faithfulness And Consistency Will Be One Of The Keys

Neil Vermillion —  March 24, 2014 —  Comments

And know, my dear children, in this day and season one of the key strategies for success with me will be your faithfulness. Consistency will be one of primary keys that will open many doors to you. There are many obstacles, and many mountains, and many trials that will be won and overtaken by being faithful and consistent. This is my way and my timing for the things in this season.

Do not fear your lack of advancement. Do not be discouraged though it seems as though you are making no progress. Do not be sad for the little crops you’ve worked so hard to get. For surely there is coming the day when you will see and taste your greatest breakthroughs. You will surely taste of the rewards I have in store for you, my dear faithful ones.

For know in due season, your consistency in me will be rewarded and I will not overlook anything, or forget anything, or forget any person in their faithfulness to me. For surely as you have done the very least unto others in their time of need and in responding to me in obedience, surely it was as if you had done it to me.

And I will repay you. I will restore you. I have remembered your sacrifice and I have not brought you this far only to see you stop at the finish line. Surely I will sustain you, and surely I will bring across that finish line, to the place of fulfillment in me.

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