Forget Your Failures And Activate What I’ve Place Within You

Neil Vermillion —  December 31, 2014 —  Comments

And though you’ve heard this before and though you’ve sown in faith before, believing in your heart, and though you’ve waited and waited faithfully in the past, yet still have little to show for it, trust again. I’m calling my people, those who know me and love me, to walk in the place of radical activation. For though there has been delay and things have seemed to have failed in the past, I’m calling you to put those little obstacles away and look the greater hope within you. I’m calling you to forget your fears, and forget your failures, and remember your original vision set before you.

So I’m calling you out of anonymity, and in to the place of leadership and activation. I’m calling you to activate what I’ve placed within you, and refine the skills you’ve exercised. For according to your preparation and according to your faith, more will be given you. To whom much is given much is required, and to whom much is given, even more will be given him if he is found to remain faithful time and time again, even in times of uncertainty and times requiring sacrifice.

For know this, there is a very real price associated with the reward and the labor. The “yes” in your heart will cost you. You will be required to pay a price for all these things. It will surely require a real investment. But also know my grace will be upon you. I will be there to assist you, to enable you to say “yes”. I will help you to say “yes”, though it will cost you much and at times you will not want to surrender.

For in this place of surrender you will be protected. The place of surrender will offer you my greatest safety. And as you drawn yourself to me, this place of surrender will sustain you, and even rebuild and renew you. Though it will cost you much and take much from you, you will be positioned to receive things more fully, more completely, or accurately in this place of sustained surrender.

So know, my grace is upon you and in the difficult times I will help you say “yes” to the difficult assignments. I will help you and keep you on the straight and narrow. For I will surely protect you and lead you into all the pastures I’ve marked out for you. And you will occupy and take control, and there will be no forces able to stand against you, in the days soon coming.

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