Glory Of God Coming To The Earth

Neil Vermillion —  September 30, 2014 —  Comments

For my glory is coming to the Earth. And it is coming through my people who have taken the time to make themselves ready. And my presence will surely manifest upon this Earth. And with my glory and my presence the hearts of people will be drawn to me. For it is my desire that none would perish, but that all would come to know me, and dwell together with me forever.

But there is a time coming, and is very coming very soon, when the worshippers on this Earth will usher in a new era of my glory and my presence. And it will be as if heaven has come to Earth. And as things are in heaven, so they will be on the Earth. And the delays you’ve experienced in the past will not take so long. And the hardships you’ve endured in the past, will now be done away.

Yes, there will still be struggle and still be a very normal, very real process, but it will also have my presence along with it. And my presence will affect things in a very real and tangible way. My presence will change the atmosphere in very real, tangible ways. So where things are not lining up as they should, when my presence comes into that area, into that region, things will automatically come into alignment.

And when there is alignment, and unity, the hindrances will be reduced, and in some cases removed completely. So understand the differences, and understand the times and seasons, and understand what it is I am doing on the Earth in these days, as well as the days soon coming. For the days in which you live are exciting times for sure. And the changes coming will be upon you rapidly.

And for some the rapid changes will be overwhelming. But just trust me, and learn to walk in my shadow, by my side. For by my side you will find your place of safety amongst all the changes and turmoils and struggles that will be surrounding you.

So come near to me, and embrace what I am saying. Follow me, obey me, and you will see all these things come to pass in due time and season.

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