Great Clarity Of Identity And Purpose

Neil Vermillion —  October 16, 2019 —  Comments

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As you continue to seek me, and sit before me, understand you are being transformed. For many of you it will seem big, powerful, even tangible, but for others it will seem small and insignificant. Just know, as you continue to seek me, you have said yes to this path and process, I surely I will honor your choice and bless you accordingly. I will honor the yes within your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. I will continue to sustain you as you search for me, and find me in the small and routine matters of your daily life. (1)

Allow me to confirm things in your life, for you have ideas not planted from me influencing your thoughts for the future. Take the time to allow me to confirm what is of me, and what is not from me. Allow me to speak directly into your life, so you can walk in greater understanding of who you are, what you are called to, and what you should be doing.

Realize this will require you to have the courage to neglect and abandon things you previously thought you should be doing. This process will reveal and confront misunderstandings you currently have, and bring them to surface. It will require courage to face these misunderstandings and to forsake them entirely, for as you come to greater clarity and understanding, by means of greater revelation by my spirit, you will see what needs to be done. You will understand what needs to be adopted as well as what needs to be forgotten. This place of revelation will be beautiful, but it will require courage to receive it, as well as implement it. (2)

Segments of your identity have been placed on a shaky foundation. Some of the plans for your future have been laid on uneven ground. Some of the plans and dreams before your eyes this day are have not been birthed from my seed. So in this time of absorbing my adjustment, know I have the end in mind, and it will look different than you previously thought. Know I am aligning you more fully and completely with the timing, plans, and direction I have in store for you. (3)

Understand this time of adjustment and revelation is very precious to me. This is a time of removing the weeds growing in your garden. This is a time of precious intimacy as I reveal these things to you. While it may surprise you, and require much courage from you, it is a good thing I am giving you to help you understand, and abide in a more refined clarity of your identity and purpose. (4)

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