#DailyProphetic Greater Capacity To Accomplish

Neil Vermillion —  March 27, 2014 —  Comments

And in this day I am moving upon hearts to direct you into greater paths of intimacy and closeness to my heart. I am giving you greater understanding as you wait and soak and simmer in my presence. I am giving you greater sensitivity to my desires and to my plans. I am increasing your vision for what you thought possible and for what you though we could do together.

I am giving you a greater capacity to believe, and a greater capacity to understand, and a greater capacity to hear, know, and obey. For surely there will be much work required of you in the days ahead. So of course I will also release my greatness to flow upon you, to empower you, to help you and guide you along the way.

For today is the day of great salvation and I am working behind the scenes in this time of advancement and maturing of my plans for you. In this, greater unity will be required in order to accomplish the fulness of my plans. Greater unity will be required to achieve the perfection to the full potential.

So surely I will bring you together and pour out my grace over you to undo the damage of disagreements in the past. Small things will once again seem small. Important things will once again seem important. Petty arguments will be put into their proper perspective and will no longer be allowed to cause division amongst my family.

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