Greater Understanding of The Past & The Gift Of Forgiveness

Neil Vermillion —  May 27, 2014 —  Comments

And Yes, today I am giving you my grace to release people from debts owed you. I am helping you to walk in greater dimensions of forgiveness, just as I have forgiven you.

For surely it is my way, and surely it is a better way to live than to carry those burdens and constantly keeping score. Instead, I’m making it possible, I’m helping you, to know the freedom available to you to walk in forgiveness. This is my gift to you. To forget about debts and offenses against you, so you can walk in freedom and joy in all things, to be carefree, and full of joy – yes, even to have an abundance of joy.

And in these days of reflection and forgiving you will awaken to a new perspective on things of the past. You will have a new understanding of lessons you’ve already learned. You will look to the trials and failures of your past and see them anew. You will see them from a higher perspective with more wisdom and greater revelation. For my processes to you are good and they are effective if you are willing to embrace them.

And so now, I am also giving you my grace to embrace lessons, even difficult lessons, so you can achieve the fullest I have in store for you. I am helping you along the way to walk in freedom and gratitude in all things from your past, though your enemy has tried to use them to discourage and defeat you.

For I am restoring all things, and in all things I will show myself strong on your behalf. The things of your past that do not make sense to you, will one day make better sense, and you will have clarity and understanding about all these things. All your questions will be answered and you will be alive with gratitude and confidence for the working of my hand behind the natural realm.

As you continue to reacquaint yourself with the lessons learned over the years, you will have a greater appreciation for timing. You will grow to value the processes and the way things are developed slowly. At times you want things to happen quickly, and at other times you want them to happen slowly. In both cases there is a grace to you to be able to learn to appreciate them both more fully, just as they are.

And it’s as if you are going to school and learning the lessons, and doing your homework the best you can. As you grow older you see the value of the lessons learned, and you have a better understanding as to why the teachers did certain things, and a better perspective as to why it even needed to be done in the first place.

And in this awakening and revisiting of lessons of old, you will see my handiwork behind the answers and behind the questions too. You will see my nature, and see my processes, and see the things you could not discern before. And through it all, your heart will awaken to a newer level of parental love. The love of your father that cares for you so much and wants the very best for you, so much so, that I’m willing to teach, and train, and discipline in order to help you along the way.

So open your hearts to me, and drink of my knowledge. For the things I have for you are good and there is no good thing I will withhold from you, my beloved. You are the one that has captured my eye, and you are the one my heart is so fond of. Of course I will continue to give you the best, even though it may not be presented to you the way, and the time you would like. For I love you with an immeasurable, unending love – a fire that cannot be quenched.

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