Guiding, Moving, Expanding

Neil Vermillion —  March 12, 2015 —  Comments

Within your heart and within your spirit, I am moving to expand you. I am moving you past the realms you have been occupying for so long. I’m moving you past your comfort zone, and I’m doing so rapidly. And many of you will not feel quite ready. You do not feel adequately prepared for your advancement. But know, I’m moving you according to my plans for you, and according to what’s in store for you.

So trust in me, and trust in my process and, trust in my plans for you. For all these things will come about in due season, as you continue to remain faithful. For these days are pushing you to the new levels of the understanding I have for you. These days are pushing you to the new realms I desire for you to occupy. And while you feel there have been delays after delays in getting you here, know these days will surely be upon you quickly, and you will be in your new place of occupation soon, and it will good and righteous, and you will be amazed, and you will be in awe.

And in all these things you will be required to let loose a bit. You will be required to relinquish a bit more of yourself over to me. You will have to let go and allow yourself to embrace my leadership and my lordship in your life. For these days will bring about greater responsibility upon you, and you will be required to accomplish, and do and be more than you have in your past.

And all these things will be a huge challenge for you if you are not submitted to me. If you’ve not taken the time to learn from me, to become familiar with me, to know me, and to love me, all these things will seem overwhelming.

So let go of your guards, and your security blankets. Let go of all the crutches you lean on for your false sense of stability. For all these crutches, all these devices, will disappoint you. But as you place your trust in me, and burden upon me, you will see my strength and my passion for you. You will not only know me, but you will experience me. You will come to know me by experience, past your present realm of knowledge and comfort.

So embrace the soon coming chaos. Embrace the mess you will find yourself in the middle of. Embrace my process in your life, and trust in me, and reach out to me as you find yourself overwhelmed and bewildered in your new territory. For your paradigms of old will not suffice. Your paradigms of old will not be effective in the realms I am moving you to soon. Allow me to adjust. Allow me to expand. Allow me to guide and move on your behalf.

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