Heavier Weights Making You Stronger

Neil Vermillion —  June 5, 2014 —  Comments

In these days of enduring greater pressure, trust I am strengthening you as well. The pressure will not be so great that you will be crushed. And though you feel tired and weary, and at times you want to give up, know I am with you in every step and in every situation, in every struggle, in every trial.

As the weights on your shoulders continue to get heavier and heavier, trust they are only serving to make you stronger. For I am putting my strength within you. And I am putting you into situations where you will be able to exercise the strength already hidden and already deposited within you.

And in these times of enduring the greater stress and lifting the heavier load, surely it will require also greater nutrition as well. For the food you eat will either strengthen you, or it will destroy you. You will grow stronger, or you will grow weaker. So know in these times of more intense training, it will also require an adjustment to what you eat. It will require you to consume the best, and to consume more of it.

There will no longer be time to consume the questionable, or the things that will not nourish you. It is time to put away those things that poison you. The days are short and getting shorter. The time for undermining your nutrition are coming to an end. So know as you refine your diet, and take great care with what you eat, know you will recover more quickly. As you improve your nutrition know it will truly feed you, sustain you, empower you, and invigorate you to accomplish and be all I’m purposed within you.

You will grow stronger, little by little, day by day, as you continue to say yes to my plan, my timing, and my process. For these things are set in motion to help you, not to hinder you. These things are coming to equip you not just for battle, but for victory. So know the battle is near and the day of battle is at hand. But also know you are equipped, you are trained, you are experienced, and you are prepared.

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