Hold On To What Is Important

Neil Vermillion —  December 24, 2014 —  Comments

For there are many questions in your mind. There are many questions before your heart. There are questions that draw you to me, and there are questions that are obstacles blocking you from knowing me. And with all these questions, continue to hold on to that which is important, and be quick to discard that which is not important. And as you continue to seek the answers to these questions in your life, in your present circumstances, in the things from your past, as well as the questions from your mind, and the questions from your heart, the issues will become more and more clear.

For in the times of delay your will and your emotions and your perspective will come to the surface. And you ability to rightly discern will increase. You’ll rightly understand what is important and what is not. You’ll grow in your ability to quickly and accurately know which direction to travel, and which direction to avoid. So understand that while delays may seem pointless, they are not.

For in the time of understanding you will save so much time by avoiding problems and obstacles that are not important. You will advance so quickly by following what you know is relevant and honoring the process put before you. For there is much before you these days. And there is much battle for your attention, for your affection, for your time, and for your resources. So understand how crucial it is to refine your sensitivity to discern between the important and the unimportant.

So while never wanted, learn to embrace the times of delay. For these times of delay will also represent times of great growth to you if you will take it as such. For there is nothing brought to you that is wasted. There is nothing about you that is random. Nothing happens without my awareness, without my knowledge of it. Even in times of delay, when it seems you’re making no progress, you are progressing, growing, and changing.

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