I Am Committed To My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  January 23, 2015 —  Comments

For I have set you on a pace in which you feel as though it’s just a bit too much for you to handle. It feels as though you’re right, but it’s just too much. So come to me in your times of worry, and in your times of feeling overwhelmed, and I will confirm my will and my plans for you. I will open your heart to my hope and I will encourage you. When you feel as though it’s just too much to continue, come to me, and I will shower you with my presence and recharge your batteries.

For in this world you will definitely have struggle. And this struggle will be too much for you to bear alone. It will weigh you down and tire you in ways you will not be able to overcome alone. But if you will call out to me, and lean in to me, you will experience my spirit and my love and my strength and my hope in new ways. For I will surely sustain you, and press you past your current limits and move you to the place of an overcomer.

For you have been made more than a conqueror through the blood of my son. And this is no small thing. For though you may not fully understand, and may not fully appreciate this, there is so much power available to you through the blood of my son. So in your times of limits, call out to me, and we will commune together. And I will train you, I will assist you, and I will push you. I will help you to overcome and train your heart and your mind to be the overcomer I’ve fashioned you to be.

And though this is true, it will take time for it all to mature. It will take time for it to grow and bear fruit in your life. So don’t become impatient in your time of developing and waiting. Don’t become alarmed when all these things seem to be taking so much longer than you thought they should, and you feel as though you’ve been left behind. Know I am with you. Know I will never leave you. Know my plans for you are great. Know and remember I am committed to my plans for you, even in the times when you are not.

For I will sustain you, my Dear Ones. I will protect and preserve you, even in your most darkest hours when you feel you have no answers, feel as though you have no hope. Call out to me, and we will commune together. And I will bring about the greatness planted deep within you.

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