I Will Not Hide Myself From You For Long

Neil Vermillion —  November 27, 2014 —  Comments

And in my presence there is fullness of joy. There is peace for your weariness, there is joy for your mourning, there is hope for your delays. And while your natural mind will not understand it, do not devalue the importance of sitting with me, especially in your times of grief, hardship and struggle. For there are many things in this world you will not fully understand, but nevertheless they are valuable to you. So don’t allow your mind to be so skeptical you cannot engage with my spirit in your times of need.

Instead, reach out to me. In your times of hurt and heartache call out to me and reach out for my spirit. And I will come to you and help you, and build within you a fire to warm you and sustain you. For in this world you will certainly have many troubles. There will be many hardships, many failures, many disappointments, but through them all, I am with you, and through them all we can experience them together. For surely my love for you and my presence together with you will be able to sustain you through them all.

And as you continue to grow in seeking me by my spirit, and knowing me by my presence, it will slowly and gradually transform the way you live. It will change the way you feel about situations and circumstances. It will change the way you see things, and it will open your eyes to new levels and greater understanding of me. For though I am great and powerful, I am not so distant as to not be involved even with the very small things in your life.

As you continue to seek me, you will find me. And as you find me, time and time again, you will grow in knowing me. And as you continue to know me more and more, you will see me active in your life daily.

So know these things will come about if you choose to pursue them. If you seek me you will find me. If you search for me as you would search for buried treasure, with your whole heart, mind, soul, and strength, you will surely find me. I will not hide myself from you for long. I will come to you, and reveal myself to you, and we will share together in everything. And my joy, and my spirit, and my presence will sustain you in all things.

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