I Will Surprise And Amaze You

Neil Vermillion —  May 26, 2015 —  Comments

In these days you feel as though you cannot continue. You feel as though everything is resisting you, and you cannot finish. But these days are critical. These days are crucial. So allow me to empower you. Allow me to assist you and to strengthen you. For I will speak you to and I will renew your heart when you are weary. For you do not see things from my perspective. You do not see things finished. You do not have complete understanding.

So trust in me, and trust my leadership, that I will take you to the place you need to be. I know it is difficult. I know it is hard, and that you are weak. But put your trust in me, and do not lean on your own understanding. Do not lean on your own strength. Do not lean on your own wisdom. For these things will be insufficient. The path I’m calling you to travel will require you to walk by faith. It will require you to go past all those things. It will require you to deny yourself, and to come to the end of yourself.

The path marked out for you will require you to come to the place in which you acknowledge my leadership. You will see your own limits and as you acknowledge my leadership you will be set free. For you want to do these things on your own. You want to be your own savior, your own provider, your own god. So I am working with you to take you past all these things, all these lies, all these limits. I am revealing myself to you in new ways. And as you lay down your idols, and lay down your deceptions, and lay down your vain imaginations and you will know me in greater ways, like you’ve not known me before.

For I’ve shown you things in the past, and I’ve planted seeds within you for tomorrow. And all these seeds will bear their fruit in time. And I have new revelation for you. I have new vision for you. I have so much more in store for you, and you know not of it yet. You do not know it, but I do. So do not be your own leader. Do not be your own shepherd. Do not be your own savior. For I will guide you, and lead you, and shepherd you, and I will surprise and amaze you with my goodness. I will surprise and amaze you with the plans I have in store for you.

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